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For Growing Kids

Designed to keep growing humans healthy and strong.

For Growing Kids - AdVital
The Benefit

Fuel For Your Favourite Humans

Loaded with protein and 27 vitamins and minerals, AdVital is the perfect way to keep your kids’ nutritional intake on track.

Mix AdVital Powder into their favourite dinners.

Pop an AdVital Smooth Fruits in their lunchbox.

Serve up an AdVital Mousse for dessert.

Every AdVital product is suitable for 1+ years, so getting your children the right nutrients has never been easier.

Nutritionally Complete

High in protein and packed with 27 vitamins and minerals, it’s the simplest way to keep your kids healthy, active, and loving life.

The Stats

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Why Kids Need Good Protein

Protein is what our bodies use to grow.

But getting your kids enough of it can be tough, especially if they’re fussy eaters or have special dietary requirements.

Here’s how much protein an average child needs per day.

1–3 Years

14 grams

4–8 Years

20 grams

Boys 9–13 Years

40 grams

Girls 9–13 Years

35 grams

Boys 14–18 Years

65 grams

Girls 14–18 Years

45 grams

AdVital’s high-protein formula means not worrying about whether your kids are eating enough meat, fish and dairy – perfect for growing children, special diets, and busy mums.


Vitamins and Minerals
for Growing Kids

Only 5% of Australian children eat enough veggies.

That means 94% of children are missing out on vital nutrients like vitamins C, K and folate.

And, between work, school, and dinner-table complaints, getting the right mix of greens into your kids’ diets isn’t easy.

So we’ve loaded every serve serve of AdVital with 27 vitamins and minerals, making it simpler than ever to keep your kids healthy, happy, and whole.

For Growing Kids - AdVital

Low GI

For Growing Kids - AdVital

Variety Of Flavours

For Growing Kids - AdVital

15g Protein

For Growing Kids - AdVital

Nut Free

For Growing Kids - AdVital

Gluten Free

For Growing Kids - AdVital


For Growing Kids - AdVital

Vitamins & Minerals

For Growing Kids - AdVital

High Vitamin D

For Growing Kids - AdVital

No Added Sugar

For Growing Kids - AdVital

Low Lactose

For Growing Kids - AdVital
For Growing Kids - AdVital

Contains Calcium

AdVital Range

How We Make
Daily Health Simple

For Growing Kids - AdVital

One Serve, Once a Day

Stay strong, active and healthy – no matter your age .

For Growing Kids - AdVital

Easy on Your Stomach

Help your favourite humans play, learn and grow.

For Growing Kids - AdVital

Nutritionally Complete

Get the nutrients you need across every stage of life.

For Growing Kids - AdVital

Suitable for Everyone

Perform at your best, even when your schedule’s busy. 


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