For Active Living

Fuelling your body for better performance.

The Benefit

Better Performance. Better Living.

Active living varies, but one constant remains – Good nutrition. AdVital is the simplest way to keep you healthy, active, and loving life.

Smashing PBs in the gym.

Hitting targets at work.

Going for a walk with someone you care about.

Nutritionally Complete In Just 1-Scoop

High in protein and packed with 27 vitamins and minerals, it’s the simplest way to keep you healthy, active, and loving life.

High Protein

With 15 grams of protein per serve, 2-3 scoops per day will take your protein intake where it needs to be.

The Stats

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Powered by
Quality Protein

From the gym to the office, we’re powered by protein.

It’s what our bodies use to create, to build, to make us better.

It keeps our muscles strong, our minds sharp, and our systems healthy.

Not enough protein equals poor performance – in sport, at work, and in life.

So we’ve made sure that every AdVital product is high in protein. 

Feed your body the fuel it needs to perform!

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The Nutrients You Need

A balanced diet gives us the fuel we need to excel – protein, energy, vitamins and minerals.

But sometimes we need more.

So we created AdVital to fill the gaps.

When your nutritional requirements increase, supplement your meals with AdVital!

Each serve is packed with 27 essential vitamins & minerals and 15g of protein.

Elevating your performance starts with the right fuel.


Low GI

Variety Of Flavours

15g Protein

Nut Free

Gluten Free


Vitamins & Minerals

High Vitamin D

Low Sugar

Low Lactose

Contains Calcium

AdVital Range

How We Make
Daily Health Simple

One Serve, Once a Day

Stay strong, active and healthy – no matter your age .

100% Gluten Free

All AdVital products are completely gluten free.

Nutritionally Complete

Get the nutrients you need to stay active.

Suitable for Everyone

Perform at your best, even when your schedule’s busy. 

What Our Customers Think

We’re proud of the many wonderful reviews we’ve received from our customers over the course of our history. 

Celena R

Sunshine Coast, QLD

"OMG… mum at 90 years of age is so much brighter and happier [thanks to AdVital]. She has regained energy!"

Jennifer Hewitt

Gold Coast, QLD

"We use AdVital as a nutritional supplement for six of our residents with dysphagia. It’s a versatile product that can be thickened and flavour-enhanced."

Raquel Baptista

Bayside, VIC

"One of my older clients who had been experiencing loss of appetite & unintentional weight loss post hospital due to pneumonia is feeling much better after only 2 days of adding the supplement AdVital to his drinks and meals."

Jilian Patrick

Juniper St Andrews, WA

"Since introducing AdVital, we’ve seen compliance increase at Juniper St Andrews. The great thing is that it’s tasteless. We add 1 scoop to a resident’s porridge or soup and we’re giving them a nutritionally complete meal without them knowing it. We’re happy that residents are now being supplemented as they should be… through real food."

Michael R

Surry Hills, NSW

"I’m suffering from malnutrition after 12 months of cancer treatment and have tried many supplements without success, with them being too sweet or tasting too weird. My hospital nutritionist introduced me to neutral AdVital, which I immediately liked and was pleased to see was an Australian made and owned product for a change. I churn through the powder. It is far superior to the alternatives."

Tiffany from Dietitian Lab

Brisbane, QLD

As a dietitian, I confidently recommend AdVital to my clients and patients. AdVital stands out not only for its scientifically backed complete nutrition formulation but also for its impressive low-GI, high-protein profile. In a market saturated with sugary supplements, AdVital is a great alternative with minimal sugar content, making it an excellent choice for my clients aiming to improve their nutrition while managing their sugar intake. Let's not forget about its delicious taste too!

Kitty Michel

Gold Coast, QLD

"I recently received my order of this powder and I'm thrilled with it! Due to neural divergence, eating can be challenging for me. I've been making a quick smoothie with AdVital each morning, which sustains me until later in the day. It's been a week now, and I feel great. While many similar products contain gluten, I've been searching for one like this for a long time. I truly appreciate that this product was designed with chronic illness in mind; it's rare to find scientifically-backed products for this demographic. Navigating neural divergence, allergies, and chronic illnesses is tough, especially with food, but this product has been a tremendous help."