Grab ’n’ Go Range

The AdVital Grab ‘n’ Go range makes good nutrition easy when life’s moving fast.

Grab ’n’ Gos are for …

When you’re halfway out the door, and you realise you forgot to pack lunch.

When the kids keep begging for a snack, and you want something healthier than a packet of chips.

When you’re shopping for a group, and you need a snack that almost anyone can eat.

High Protein

27 Vitamins and Minerals

ARL-compliant Packaging

Nutritionally Complete

The Power of Protein

Protein keeps us healthy.

Our bodies use it for everything – maintaining our muscles, keeping us sharp, and making sure our hair, skin and nails stay strong.

Meals containing protein also keep us fuller for longer, which can be great for weight loss.

So it just makes sense that your snacks should include protein too.

Stop filling up on empty carbs.

Try our Grab ’n’ Go range, and boost your body’s power with protein.

It’s for living life.

We created AdVital to make nutritional health convenient, affordable, and accessible for everyone. 

Get Your Daily Nutrients

Our bodies need 27 vitamins and minerals to keep working at their best.

But you don’t need to take pills or monitor your meals to get the right daily nutrition.

Instead, eat healthy and snack healthy.

When you’re feeling hungry, reach for an AdVital Grab ’n’ Go.

One serve.  Twenty-seven vitamins and minerals.  

It’s the perfect way to support your nutritional intake.  

AdVital + your diet = healthier you

Good for the Gut

Finding snacks that taste good and sit easy in your stomach can be hard – especially if you have gut issues.

Finding snacks that you can eat comfortably and are actually nutritious?

Now that’s a challenge.

But we’ve got a solution:

The AdVital Grab ’n’ Go range is high in nutrition, but it’s also gluten free, certified halal, and certified as low FODMAP by Monash University.

Next time you’re feeling peckish, just grab a Grab ’n’ Go, and go.

Eating a snack shouldn’t be complex.

Simple to Swallow

We wanted to create a snack that was accessible for everyone.

So we did it.

Every AdVital Grab ’n’ Go snack is suitable for anyone aged 1+ years with swallowing difficulties (dysphagia) on IDDSI Level 4 diets or above.

Tired of drinking thickened fluids while everyone else is eating?

Try a Grab ’n’ Go instead.

Sustainable Snacks

A healthier planet equals healthier bodies.

That’s why we’re serious about making the AdVital Grab ’n’ Go range as environmentally friendly as possible.

In addition to manufacturing and procurement best practices, all our packaging is compliant with the Australasian Recycling Label (ARL) system, making it easier to put your rubbish where it belongs.

Wondering what goes where?

Grab ’n’ Go round cups and foil lids are fully recyclable – you can put them both in the recycling bin.

What Our Customers Think

We’re proud of the many wonderful reviews we’ve received from our customers over the course of our history.