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AdVital Powder - AdVital

AdVital Powder
is for …

When you miss brekky, skip lunch, or forget to make dinner.

AdVital Powder - AdVital
AdVital Powder - AdVital

When you’re recovering from an injury or illness, or living with a chronic condition.

When you want to do more in life – and just need a little boost to get you there.

AdVital Powder - AdVital

Complete Nutrition for a Complete You

There are 27 vitamins and minerals that your body needs to stay healthy.

Some people get them through healthy eating.  Others get them through lots of pills.

You can get yours through AdVital.

27 vitamins and minerals.  One scoop.  Do the maths.

AdVital Powder - AdVital

Low GI

AdVital Powder - AdVital

Variety Of Flavours

AdVital Powder - AdVital

15g Protein

AdVital Powder - AdVital

Nut Free

AdVital Powder - AdVital

Gluten Free

AdVital Powder - AdVital


AdVital Powder - AdVital

Vitamins & Minerals

AdVital Powder - AdVital

High Vitamin D

AdVital Powder - AdVital

No Added Sugar

AdVital Powder - AdVital

Low Lactose

AdVital Powder - AdVital
AdVital Powder - AdVital

Contains Calcium

AdVital Range

It’s for living life.

We created AdVital to make nutritional health convenient, affordable, and accessible for everyone. 

AdVital Powder - AdVital
AdVital Powder - AdVital

Packed With Protein

Protein is essential for our health.

Our bodies use protein to keep our muscles strong, to keep our minds sharp, and to keep our hair, skin and nails looking good.

That’s why we created AdVital Powder.

With 15g of protein per serve, two to three scoops per day can help get your protein intake where it needs to be.

Give your body the fuel it needs.  Make AdVital a part of your day.

AdVital Powder - AdVital

AdVital + your diet = healthier you

Shake. Bake. Cook.

Shake it in a smoothie.

Bake it in a fruitcake.

Cook it in a curry.

AdVital Powder mixes taste- and colour-free into all your favourite food and drinks, so you can get the nutrients you need at any time and any place.

It’s everyday health, done your way. 

One Scoop per Serve

One scoop = one serve.

AdVital Powder’s 25-gram scoop means you get maximum bang for your buck. 

It’s all the nutrients you need, in the smallest possible amount of powder.

Shake it, bake it, and cook it into any food or drink – and do it without changing the texture, taste, or smell.

Gentle on Your Stomach

When you’ve got gut issues, finding things to eat and drink is already hard.

You don’t want to worry about your nutritional intake as well.

That’s why AdVital Powder is low in lactose, gluten free, and Monash University Low FODMAP Certified.

It’s also vegetarian, certified halal and kosher, soy- and nut-free, and only uses natural colours and flavours.

For People Big and Small

One family.  One supplement.

AdVital Powder combines all the nutrients you need into one powder that’s suitable for the whole family.

Say goodbye to different supplements. 

Say hello to AdVital.

AdVital Powder - AdVital

People-friendly, Planet-friendly

We’re serious about the environment.

A healthier planet means healthier bodies – for us, and for our children.

That’s why, in addition to manufacturing and procurement best practices, every component of AdVital Powder packaging adheres to the Australasian Recycling Label (ARL) system.

Nutrition should be simple, and so should doing the right thing.

Clear labelling for each package component means you can put your rubbish where it belongs.

What Our Customers Think

We’re proud of the many wonderful reviews we’ve received from our customers over the course of our history.